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Job Title: Software Developer
Date Posted: 07/25/2022

Job Description: Develop and design fully customized and integrated CAD - ERP Software Solution(s) to gather and process a broad-spectrum of computer-aided design (CAD) engineering data and financial business data through an integrated software suite. Designing, implementing and maintenance of custom designed, engineering software applications, and install and configure networks accordingly. All of the above duties will be performed using a wide variety of tools mainly using MS-SQL, .NET, & AutoCAD.

Location of Work: Work location is Livonia, MI and various and unanticipated locations throughout the US as assigned which may require relocation.

Contact: Interested applicants should clearly identify the position they are applying for in their cover letter. The resume must specifically list all post- secondary education, training or experience & must show if the applicant has any of the mentioned combination of skills relevant to the job offered. Mail resumes to Engineering Services, Inc., Attn: Hakim Shakir, 32190 Schoolcraft Rd, Livonia, MI 48150.


32190 Schoolcraft Road, Livonia. MI 48150
(734) 525 7330